Business Research

Sales Intelligence

 Sales Intelligence augments business development processes with competitive data and synthesizing it into intelligence. Having the right intelligence at the right time helps managers be more responsive to their environment and enables them to identify opportunities from weak, indelible signals provided by the environment 

Human Resource Intelligence

 Intelli India provides you with a solution for this problem by providing pre-employment screening. We have close contacts with the HR departments of various leading organizations. 

Competitive Intelligence

 Intelli India helps corporations by tracking every movement of a competitor. Intelli-India will track your competitor movement across various dimensions and provide you superior intelligence for you to derive competitive advantage, 

Regional Intelligence

 Regional Intelligence is important for the overall business development of particular regions. Looking at all the accounts, including prospects in each account, determining the total outsourcing potential of the region and benchmarking the same against current achieved sales would ALONE give the correct benchmarking. 

Comp. Intelligence

 Competitor Business strategy 

 Competitor sales and Marketing strategy

Competitor Pricing Strategy

Competitors products and their strategie

Sales Intelligence

 Sales Intelligence Profile (SIP) provides an in-depth view of a prospect. SIP enables customers to build market insight from the bottom up, looking for clusters of prospective clients that share similar challenges and approaches.